Enjoy DIY Projects on your Wedding Details and Still Enjoy Beautiful and Dramatic Effects on your Wedding Pics

Some brides want to make their wedding as personal as possible. To make it possible is to put together small touches in their wedding details like choosing the type of flowers in bouquet, invitations and the wedding gown and accessories. Easy Pics wedding photography understands fully how brides feel about their own wedding, so as much as the bride wants it more personal; here are some ways how talking to your photographers helps in achieving big results in your wedding photos with those small touches you’re bringing in to your wedding.

Grand entrance for the bride

pexels-photo-169198Most brides focus on the altar, and brides who want personal touches on their entrance usually think of DIY entrances. A vintage door at the entrance can look dashing and very welcoming for guests and Easy Pics wedding photography simply makes it amazing by capturing its most artistic angle and produce dramatic effects. Entrances with hanging plants or draped in flowers provide simple but grand entrance, and brides entering and walking down their preferred aisle surely add more smiles and glow in them. Brides who love splashing their special touches on their entrances would agree church door trim with floral patterns is simply beautiful, and with skillful Brisbane wedding photographers capturing it in very creative way would make the simple touches look delightful and magical.


Brides love elegant weddings and adding their small touches like a draping a delicate fabric over a tree truly display some elegance. Photographers from Easy Pics wedding photography with the use of artistic angling and lighting, the simple fabric tree draping easy comes out as elegant setting and backgrounds for bride and groom portraits. Personalized table numbers look great in still life with the use of natural lights.  Aisle with DIY ribbon markings also display elegance. Even with affordable wedding photography, if your photographer captures those small touches you’ll be bringing in your wedding in the right and artistic ways, the wedding will simply go in right directions and places.

Shoes, rings, and jewelries

Brides love saving, and one way to save is putting small touches on their gown, shoes and accessories. And, with the help of experienced and skilled wedding photographers in Brisbane, brides can go about their DIY wedding detail projects as these photographers can layout these wedding details for still life in very creative ways and produce dramatic effects on wedding photos. They make these details look luxurious by using post-editing techniques and tools.

If you’re the type of bride who loves putting small touches on your wedding details, it’s best to talk about it with your photographers because they’ll be happy to help you make your big day special.


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