What is the difference between Clinical Counseling & Clinical Psychology?

The mind is indeed a complex matter. It’s because no one has conquered the word “mindfulness” until now. Despite the matter, psychology is still a growing subject especially after the latest development in clinical counseling and clinical psychology. Perhaps, you are thinking now about their differences that you read about them.

clinical1Do you know that psychologists, psychotherapists, and counselors are diverse people? Even though they all work with psychology, each of them has a varying field of work. This is where clinical counseling and clinical psychology enters. To understand better, let us discuss each.

What is a clinical counseling?

Professionals who work as counselors provide assistance to those who need extra advice to resolve problems related to their daily living. It could be about their family, work, school, relations and more. Most of them deal with help for depression that is the very rampant nowadays.

If you can notice, the counselor is only a “problem solver” here. He doesn’t actually deal with severe mental health. Accordingly, his focus is to give an answer to the immediate need of the patient for comfort and adaptability.

What is a clinical psychologist?

Those looking for someone to deal with their mind care then they need a clinical psychologist. Help for bipolar disorder, dementia, and other mental illnesses are the job of this person. He diagnoses and prescribes the right medicine and rejuvenation program for the behavior and psychiatric sickness.

Research and treatment are the main focal point of clinical psychology. Because of the huge evolution of the “science of behavior,” these two are continually changing the world for better. Many better cures were born out of them that helped many people.

Clinical Counseling & Clinical Psychology as one

Because of the overlapping mindfulness meaning of clinical counseling and clinical psychology, the two has been a longstanding argument. However, they are actually almost the same especially with the term “clinical.”

You will still need to study and earn a Master’s Degree and Doctorate Degree to become either clinical counselor or clinical psychologist. Training and research will be given so that you can earn a license later on after it. Those who aspire more knowledge to further their career will need to get more supervised practice and units.

Meanwhile, mindfulness care isn’t only limited to individuals. This is applicable to a group of people too. It could be a problem wherein they need a guide on how to fit right in the situation. A social worker may work with this if it will be about clinical counseling. Lastly, a clinical psychologist may be in a hospital, community or another set to do this cluster cases too.

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