Steal Glances with your Expo Booth

A trade fair or exhibit is one way to get to your target market. Taking part would give you lots of opportunities to showcase your products and services, market your company, and make your brand name be known. The impact that you make depends on how impressive your expo booths are. They should grab enough attention to draw the interest of your target market.

Winning Booth Design

If your goal is to make a good impression, you must be willing to exert any effort in developing expo booths that scream for attention. This is your one chance to advertise on a more personal basis so you better make it good. The first thing to think of is your design – that thing that meets the eye.

According to industry experts, your expo booth’s design will give the guests their cue whether to walk on or stop and linger. These are the aspects you be mindful of:

  • Graphics design. There has to be clean and scene-stealing graphics that will catch people’s attention at first sight. Apart from being pleasant to the eyes, it must also communicate your business in a way that people will grasp what you do and what you offer. This is also a great time to promote brand awareness. Your company name and brand logo must be placed in a prominent spot.
  • Lighting. The amount and kind of lighting fixtures you install in your creative expo booth would command the size of attention it will draw. A well-lighted booth will increase its appeal so it is very important that you keep the entire display illuminated from the back walls to the sidewalls and all the other areas.
  • Distribution of promotional materials and loots. Trade exhibitions are a way to be in touch with your market. This is a chance for you to meet your prospective clients and pleasing them with loots or treats is a great way to catch their attention. It does not have to be anything big. Promotional shirts, key chains, or ID lanyards with your brand are good enough. They will work both ways, as a giveaway and as a promotional item.
  • Interactivity. There must be some form of activity going on in your booth to make it worthy of people’s attention. Use technology to your advantage. There are many ways technology and an exhibition stand company can help you with in order to work out your objectives in joining the expo.

A well thought expo booth design is saleable. Go for

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